The voltage used is 220 V.Quasi all sockets and wall require the use of English type plugs, against flat blades arranged in a triangle, there are also comparable to the old sockets that accept round pins and other pins of both types .Consigliato to an adapter and a battery-powered torch as are frequent sudden blackout.

 Local cuisine is very diverse, but very pleasant, excellent stews (chicken, pork, beef, mutton) and dishes based on vegetables, the fundamental element of each meal is, of course, the rice, which adds a good assortment of dishes to curry base .Ovunque were excellent Chinese restaurants, whose specialties have nothing to do with the rams dishes you are used to at home vostro.La international cuisine is available in Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan .Among the drink only water available everywhere ore, you ‘, some brands of beer, Coca-Cola, and other similar drinks.
It is advisable to avoid eating raw vegetables and unpeeled fruit, not to drink tap water and do not add ice in drinks places not it secure.

The country has an interesting crafts and markets are the most varied merchandise: in particular lacquers (typical BAGAN), small umbrellas, Shan bags of cotton, turning on wood, gems and jewelry, especially rubies but beware: many glass jewels are waiting for the pass for fools! the purchase of precious stones and jewels and valuables must be carried out in authorized shops (usually government) who are required to rilasciarne receipt.

Tropical, characterized by three seasons: hot from April to May (hot in the plains but pleasant in the mountains) with monsoon rains and high humidity from June to September, fresh from October to February (the weather is dry, sunny, not hot only) .
However in recent years the global climate change has meant that even in Burma seasons are not well defined and there have been cold toes or rain in the months of December and gennaio.Riportiamo official climate table:
Temperatures (C).

We recommend a clothing spring-summer type: jeans, cotton pants, shirts and T-shirts, a sweatshirt or pullover (neo need months of December and January and for air conditioning in hotels), comfortable shoes, a hat, a costume bathroom (for hotel pools) .Before entering temples and sacred sites, it is mandatory to take off SHOES aND SOCKS and you must not wear shorts and sleeveless shirts or cortissime.Sono also useful sunglasses, headgear , cocoa butter, protective creams, mosquito repellent rude, a k way (for sudden downpours)

5:30 more than an hour italiana.Quando applies summer time in Italy are 4:30 hours more.

The currencies used in MYANMAR is: Kyat pronunciation “CIAT” divisible into 100 pyas.
In circulation there are business: 1,5,10,20,50,100,200,500,1000,5000 and 10000 are in the market but only from 200 Kyats onwards. € 1 equivalent to 1250 Kyats (local currency) with which you can have 2 bottles of drinking water from a liter, a coffee etc.Ricordatevi well: Here you are accepting the dollars Americans euro by all but DOLLARS ISSUED BEFORE 2000 ARE NOT ACCEPTED OR MORE OR CHANGED DUE tO NUMEROUS FALSIFICAZIONI.NON They come ACCEPTED BILL WITH sPOTS, TEARS, OLD, OR OTHER sIGN IMPERFEZIONI.Ci apologize for this discounts.

Generosity, especially in Asia, is considered a virtue, and for Buddhists an opportunity to earn credit for owning a better reincarnation in the next esistenza.Fare the donation to the sacred places: monasteries, orphanages and other poor places, small gratuities to drivers, guides, waiters, porters in hotels etc ..,. is considered natural behavior rule, and is therefore expected. They actually survive to round them off !!

Since August 2010 onwards here MYANMAR is allowed:
– Make payments with credit cards or debit cards in the places where acettano; (VISA and MASTER but NO AMERICAN EXPRESS)
– Withdraw money in cash by credit or debit card; (limited daily amount)
The telephone area codes
From Italy in Myanmar dial 0095 + the area code of the destination and the subscriber number.
From Myanmar to Italy dial 0039 + area code with zero and the subscriber number.
Cellular phones
As of 2008 December, the former Burmese government has launched a new tool that allows tourists also locals to use their phone to call at any cost countries bassi.Presso in Tele