Puta-O, Northern Myanmar is developing with high speed

Puta- O is the northern most town in Myanmar. Situated at the base of the Himalayan Mountain range and close to the highest mountain in Myanmar, Mount Hkakabo Razi at 19296 feet/5881m. Around the town are plentiful natural resources, dense forests where rare species of animals and birds are found. Within the area the 3 main groups of people are the Janephaw , the Leesu and the  KandiShan tribes who live peacefully side by side.

Puta- O region is 10610.71 square miles/27481sq m and consists of the Puta- O, Machanbaw, Naungmon Kaunglanphoo, Sonprabon townships and PanNannDin town.

Puta- O Valley

Puta- O District is located in Himalaya Canine Region and surrounded by the Himalaya Mountains. The Puta- O Valley is 12 miles/20kms wide and 20 mile/32kms long and from Mansekhun village in the north to Tanjar village in the south is a large flat plain.

The Maykha and Malikha Rivers originate in the Puta- O District. The Dalarwam, Dazonwam and Htayonewam Rivers flowing from the east to the southeast and combines at Maykha to form the Yawati River. It then crosses through Khaung Lan Phoo, Sotlaw and ChiPhway township and ends at its confluence with Malikha River.

The Malikha River originates by the combining of the small northeast creeks. It flows 10 miles/16lms to the east of Puta- O and passes through Machanbaw and Sumprabum township and then ends at its confluence with Maykha River. The main streams which flow into the river are Namhtwan, Nampalam, Namhti, Monlan, Kasan and Swunpium streams.

Puta-O township is bordered with Sawtlaw township and Injanyan township in the east, Myitkyina township in the south, India in the west and China in the north and is situated at 1429 feet/436m

Places of interest.

Puta-O township is set in a beautiful location surrounded by snowcapped mountains, beautiful crystal clear rivers and old pagodas, and newer churches.

 Snow Capped Mountains

The Mountains of this part of the Himalayan Range include Khakaborazi, Phonkanrazi, Gamlangrazi, Madwalrazi and Phonyinrazi and are a marvel of the way the earth has been formed. Khakaborazi is located near Dahondan village, Pannandin Town, Naungmon Township. Khakaborazi the highest mountain in Myanmar, is 164 miles/264 km from Puta- O and visitors can go by car to Pannandin Town, Naungmon Township and then go by foot from Pannandin to reach Khakaborazi. Due to its remoteness it is not the easiest of places to reach.

Therefore, there are not many visitors even though Khakaborazi is a sight to behold.

The other mountain in the area such as Phonkanrazi, Gamlangrazi and Phonyinrazi are located in Puta- O Township. Phonkanrazi is 65 miles/105 km from Puta- O and visitors can easily go to Phonkarazi through Khalan village and Ziyardan village by car or cycle.  Phonkanrazi and Phonyinrazi are the nearest mountains to Puta- O Town.

Famous Pagodas

There is a well know pagoda named, Kaung Mu Lone Pagoda, located in Ma Chan Baw Township which is 14miles/22kms from Puta- O Town, which can be visited the whole year-round.

Regional Development Opportunities

The business and tourism opportunities exist in the development of nature-based tourism businesses utilizing the region’s unspoiled nature, its range of the local biodiversity and ecosystems would contribute greatly to the development of regional sustainability.

The development of adequate infrastructure is need for the development of these nature-based tourism businesses, to develop career opportunities in servicing the tourism business in areas such as regional food and beverage businesses, hotel businesses, regional products, and travel businesses

Threats of Biodiversity

The need for conservation of this area is urgently needed. Over the years there has been the overuse of the land by various groups and individuals. If ecotourism is to provide a natural and genuine experience for visitors, the biodiversity needs to protected and managed for the future, the visitor and the ecotourism business.

To reduce these threats, we should seek the cooperation of local people including civil service organizations, international organization and related departments but also by-laws, orders, reconnoiter and educational programs.

Nature Forest

The area of forest near the Puta- O town at the Northern Myanmar is about 6,790,856 acres/2,748,161hectraes and is 83 percent of Northern forest area. Five percent of the area is cover in snow and the highest temperature is 37.5c while the lowest temperature is 1.5c. The rainfall in Puta- O region is 177.14 inches/ 2,920milliltres per year and the average temperature is 22.3c.

Evergreen forest, wet forest, pine forest, grass plain, rhododendron forest, and bamboo forests can be found in the Puta- O region.

These forests can also be divided into reserved forest, nature conservation forest, and forest reserved by the government.

Forest products

The various kinds of woods found here are such as Mangoes, Cherry, Sweet Chestnut, Cypress, and Pine are found in the Puta- O great forest. Also, forest products like amber, honey, bamboo, cane, and other indigenous products can also be found.

Natural Gemstones

A variety of natural gemstones can also be found in Khakaborazi Region of Puta- O Township. In the streams near Shangaung Village in Puta- O Township jade can be found and goldfields in Machanbaw Township, where the local people gain their income. From the mountain regions like Khaung Lan Phu Township and Naung Mon Township gold, wolfram, and iron can be found. During previous times, iron from Naung Mon Township was used in the making of weapons.

Communication Businesses

Until 2014 the Puta- O Township relied on  CDMA and IP Star lines. Now in Puta- O, Ma Chan Baw and Sonbarapon Townships, MPT, Ooredoo and Mytel are available and CDMA and MEC Phone lines are being used in Naung Mon and Khaunglanphoo Townships.

Public Library Business

To easily read books and journals and know the news of the day as it happens all over the world, there is a need for information and technology. Public libraries are now implementing change. Not only books and journals are lent to library members, but also especially for children reading rooms are available, the libraries are also developing small museums, collecting regional history, local products, and important records.

Community-based Consultation with Government Departments

As part of the ongoing community consultation process a number of areas are involved in the consultation process, including corporate cultural cases, community development cases, resort and vacation cases and social relation cases. These consultations make up the key elements of a democratic system, community-based departments commenced community consultation from 2003. Also reading classes, training courses are conducted, along with cooperative discussions, competitions, lecture courses, training courses and club courses.

People’s Talks

Celebrating Rural Talks

People’s Talks (Rural Talk) were held with the people who live in Puta-O region, with the purpose of giving them the opportunity for discussions between the government and themselves to hear the people’s thoughts and to develop ongoing discussions.

In addition, children’s literature festivals are also celebrated in the Puta-O region with the aim of stimulating the intellect and introducing ideas to the children who will become future leaders of the country. By improving their creativity and communication skills and promoting a close association with literature, will instilling strong reading habits and will lead to happy children.


Although Puta- O District is a challenging region to conduct regional development programs due to its geography and location, the government development programs after 2015 have seen highways and roads to Myintkyina-Puta-O, Puta- O-Nyaungmon, Puta- O-Kaunglanzue, built and upgraded to provide a better transportation system for the region.

With airlines now running daily services to the region, this has greatly assisted with regional development. With these increased improvements, comes increased livelihoods and it has been found that social systems and social lives are developing unlike before. In a few years time, we believe that Puta- O District will become a larger and more developed district that can create business opportunities not only for its own communities but for the country.

Nandar Win